Carer of the Month

The Carer of the Month Award has been in place at Parkerville since 2006 and all staff members can be nominated. The purpose is to identify and reward employees who have been nominated by their peer(s) as upholding one or more of our Organisational core values from our Values Statement in a distinctive way.

The Carer of the Month receives a $150 dining voucher;

August 2014

Alex & Ricarda Borchert

Professional Therapeutic Carers
Therapeutic Care Programme

July 2014

Louise Hanna

Psychologist, Coordinator Child and Parent Centre Challis

June 2014

Dale Wright

ICT Manager

May 2014

Ruth and Craig Evans

Therapeutic Foster Carers

April 2014

Mary D'Souza

Primary Carer
Therapeutic Care Programme

March 2014

Dave & Kerry Stevens

Community Carers

February 2014

Barry & Cindy Kadel

Primary Carers
Therapeutic Care Programme

January 2014

Angela Saseski

Assigned Case Worker

December 2013

Susan Fricker

Support Coordinator
Penny Jones House

November 2013

Victoria Greensmith

Assessment & Support Officer
Armadale Family Support Network

October 2013

Laura Fildes

Clinical Psychologist Registrar
Therapeutic Family Services

September 2013

Emma King

Quality Officer
Work Force Development