Community Involvement

The George Jones Child Advocacy Centre will enable services currently provided only in the city to be provided in the community of Armadale for children and young people in surrounding suburbs.

The child friendly facility will be a place of hope for children and young people who have been abused.  It will bring together child abuse professionals who will support the needs of child victims and their families.




This Child Advocacy Centre is an easily accessible visible service in the community, promoting the importance of child safety and wellbeing.  The  Child Advocacy Centre will run community activities and programmes and will support professionals in their work and facilitate ongoing learning for those who work with children.

The Child Advocacy Centre will also be routinely asking children and young people and parents what they think of the centre and services provided and will continue to make improvements as required.

The Child Advocacy Centre has been officially named the George Jones Child Advocacy Centre.

George lived at Parkerville Children's Home as a boy and is now a Parkerville Board member and a very strong supporter of establishing the centre.

Parkerville Children and Youth Care is committed to this innovative cause.