Moving Out, Moving On

What would you do if you could not live at home due to circumstances beyond your control and you have no money? You begin couch surfing at friend’s houses but the offers of help soon run out and you have nowhere to go. You begin a life of living on the streets, sleeping in abandoned buildings, under bridges, at train stations, or where ever you can find and the feeling of hunger is always with you. There is violence on the streets and you never feel safe. Other street kids teach you how to survive each day. You have come to mistrust adults, then someone tells you about youth crisis accommodation and you take a bed. You’re told you can stay here for 3 months before being required to find another accommodation service. Your relationships are fractured, you have no income, no employment options and you feel isolated. Someone asks if you’d like to meet the Moving Out, Moving On (MOMO) worker who might be able to assist you in reaching your goals.

MOMO is the Moving Out, Moving On programme established in 2007 to develop strategies to gain the best outcomes for young people aged 15-21 years of age who are living in crisis accommodation.

For Young People, MOMO will

  • Advocate on the young person’s behalf with government, not for profit agencies and the public sector;
  • Educate young people to navigate a complex service system;
  • Promote positive change within the sector to restore confidence and empower young people;
  • Support from an adult who remains involved for as long as needed no matter where they reside in the Perth Metro area;
  • Provide help with issues that are preventing access to long term stable housing;
  • Motivation to gain employment, education or training which meets the young person’s individual needs and capabilities;
  • Assist to re-establish relationships with family (if appropriate) or friends;
  • Support young people to maintain their school placement;
  • Connect to community and recreational services; and
  • Assist with issues as they arise eg sexuality, substance abuse and the juvenile justice system.

For Service Providers, MOMO

  • Works collaboratively with the crisis accommodation service to assist young people to gain long term stable housing and positive outcomes
  • Assists education facilities to provide a positive environment for the young person to attend and fulfill their educational requirements


Since January 2007, MOMO has worked with 48 clients. Positive outcomes have been achieved due to young people receiving consistent support from the same worker over a longer period of time.

A number of young people have returned to school and completed significant milestones, while others have been maintained at school and gained their Year 12 Certificate. Many have gained employment or have gone onto further training that has improved their success in gaining apprenticeships. Most young people have improved their relationships with significant people in their lives and approximately 7 young people have returned home on a fulltime basis. Clients report feeling more motivated and focused on their future since involvement with MOMO.

Please download the MOMO Brochure for additional information or email You can speak to a MOMO representative by calling 08 9391 1915 during business hours.

The MOMO programme is situated in the:

George Jones Child Advocacy Centre

Cnr Wungong and Church Roads

Armadale  WA  6112